Greg Majkrzak

Greg Majkrzak

Three Year Term
Expires in 2021
Contact Greg at [email protected]

Employment: I currently work at ABITEC in Janesville WI.  ABITEC is a company of ABF.  My title is Plant Engineer and I manage Capital Projects/Spending as well as their Engineering structure at the site.

Volunteer: I was co-founder of a not for profit organization while attending College in Columbia, MO.  We raised money for a variety of local and national charities.  I drove for Meals on Wheels for 5 years and raise money annually for The Children’s Miracle network via Extralife.

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member? I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.  My MBA coupled with my experience running large project and managing diverse teams to complete objectives will help our Co-op get off the ground and create a plan to remain successful.

Past experiences you had with food co-ops? This is my first time serving as a committee member for a cooperative. However, I helped my sister start a small organic grocery store near my hometown.

Favorite Food: I like all food essentially.  I do consider myself a foodie and love trying new things.  I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.  If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Sushi and Mexican.

Three Favorite Songs: Disclaimer: I love all music and depending on my mood I change what I listen to. One by Metallica, Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit by Jimmy Buffett, and Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band.

Inspirational Co-Op: A local Co-Op growing up (Stephenson Marketing Co-Op) has to be most inspirational that I have experience with.  They provided our small community with what they needed when it wouldn’t have been lucrative for other larger names to provide it.  They are still strong today and expanding offering other services to the community.