Lacey Reichwald


Two Year Term
Expires in 2019

Contact Lacey at [email protected]

Employment: I have spent the majority of my career building and growing two businesses in Whitewater:  The SweetSpot Cafe and The SweetSpot Bakehouse. In addition to my role as owner and operations manager of this successful brand, I mentor small business owners on business development, customer service, and marketing.

Volunteer: I have served as a board member, committee chair, and as a member of the executive director hiring committee for Downtown Whitewater, Inc., a Main Street organization. I have also served as communications chair of the Family Teacher Partnership for Lincoln Elementary School in Whitewater.

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member? My experience as a business owner, community organizer, and marketer have all contributed to my success as chair of the Steering Committee for the Whitewater Grocery Co. I continually build on my education in business and interpersonal communication from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. I have a passion for social media and digital marketing and utilize these skills as a member of the cooperative's Ownership and Outreach Task Group.

Past experiences you had with food co-ops? This is my first time serving as a committee member for a cooperative. However, I have been a member of Willy St. Co-Op in Madison and am currently a member of Basic’s Cooperative in Janesville. I have also attended two Up And Coming Food Co-Op conferences and continue to read and research the topic regularly

Favorite Food: Pho. All day, every day. But also kimchi, tacos, and kimchi tacos.

Three Favorite Songs:  (Currently... because I can't pick just three) Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers, La Breeze by Simian,  and You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.

Inspirational Co-Op: Willy Street Co-Op North. This store has an amazing mix of organic and conventional groceries, including one low price option for almost every item. I also admire the location, right next to the library and with the farmers market in the front parking lot.