Al Stanek

Three Year Term
Expires in 2020
Contact Al at

Employment: I am the Senior and Disabled Mobility Coordinator for Walworth County - Department of Administration.

Volunteer: I have volunteered for many public and private organizations some of which include the City of Whitewater Community Development Authority, City of Whitewater Planning Commission, First English Lutheran Church, WI Urban and Rural Transit Association Legislative Committee, WI Association of Mobility Managers, and the Whitewater Kiwanis. 

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member? I would hope that my fiduciary, business/analytical, grant writing/grant management and capital project management experience and skills would make an effective board member. Throughout my life and career I have focused on being a caring human being sensitive to how my actions impact others. I have aspired to be a fair leader, motivator, and responsible party to multiple diverse interest groups that often times have conflicting values and goals. Compromise and consensus building are critical tools that I practice daily.

Past experiences you had with food co-ops? My family and I are rooted in the Whitewater community. We want to preserve and improve our community's quality of life and livability. I have a strong personal interest in providing the basic amenities to allow our rapidly increasing senior and disabled populations to stay in their homes. Without an affordable and customer-friendly grocery store, I don't believe Whitewater is sustainable as anything more than a commuter college town. 

Favorite Food: Three Grape Salad with Walnuts and Brown Sugar

Three Favorite Songs: In My Life by The Beatles, Innocent Man by Billy Joel, and Further Along by The Byrds. 

Inspirational Co-Op: My favorite co-op was PABCO, the Point Area Bus Co-op in the 1970s.