About Your Store

Hello! We’re the Whitewater Grocery Co., your (future) friendly neighborhood grocer supporting fresh and local products. In 2016, a group of individuals shared a vision for a grocery store that was highly involved with serving the community's food needs. We agreed that a cooperative business model made sense. Now, we’re a team of deeply dedicated volunteers halfway through the process of opening a full-service, cooperative grocer for our city. Cooperative stores rely heavily on gaining Owners (that could be you if you desire!) and community-wide support (also you if you like to cheer others on!).



When you become an Owner of Whitewater Grocery Co., you become a part of something bigger: a community of people taking matters into our own hands to nourish our community.

Why a Co-op?

A food co-op looks and offers products like any other grocery store, but it is owned by members of the community. Co-ops are based on values not unlike those we subscribe to individually, including self-responsibility, democracy, equality, honesty and social responsibility. In addition to these common values, seven basic international principles serve as guidelines to provide a democratic structure for co-ops around the world. While adoption of these principles is not required, most co-ops choose to adopt them for their business.


“Our movement was sparked out of a challenge.”

— Founding Owner and Former Board of Director, Lacey Reichwald

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    GroCo Meet & Greet
    Thursday, April 06, 2023 at 06:30 PM
    The Black Sheep in Whitewater, WI
    Come on out to The Black Sheep on April 6th to hang out with your favorite GroCo pals! Chat with us for a little or a while, about whatever you fancy! We'll be there to answer questions, learn more about you, give deep life advice, and tell you what stocks to invest in. Okay... maybe just the first two. We'll meet you there! 💚
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