Become an Owner

When you become an Owner of Whitewater Grocery Co. (GroCo):

You become a part of something bigger: a community of people taking matters into their own hands to nourish our community. Your GroCo ownership lasts a lifetime and ensures you have a voice in our local food system.

Benefits of Ownership:

  1. You have a voice! An ownership provides you the ability to vote on important matters for the store.
  2. Special promotions: You'll gain access to member-only sales prices and promotions.
  3. Leadership opportunities: You can run for a seat on our leadership team (aka Board of Directors).
  4. Educational opportunities: The GroCo, while offering some of the freshest and most local produce around, will also offer cooking and nutrition classes as well as other educational programs related to food and our local farmers and vendors' products.
  5. Community support: Not only are you helping take matters into our hands to nourish our community, you're also helping build something that keeps our community's dollars in the community.


Ownership #1: One Time Payment or Installment Plan


Your ownership share 
is a one-time purchase of $150 or you can
opt for an installment plan with payments ranging from $25-$10/mo.

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Ownership #2: Special Access Ownership


If the $150 ownership is the only thing preventing you
from becoming an Owner, we now offer limited, scholarship
based ownerships. You take care of
$25, and we'll cover the rest!

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Don't want to become an Owner or already have and just want to help out?


If you appreciate what we are doing 
with the Special
Access Ownerships and have wondered what more you
can do 
to help out, donate toward these scholarships
to help offset the cost.

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