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Ownership is a one-time cost of $150.

To become an Member-Owner of the Whitewater Grocery Co., I agree to purchase one (1) share of membership stock at a price one hundred and fifty dollars ($150). Only one share is required per household. THERE ARE NO ANNUAL FEES.

Ownership grants the following benefits: creation of a local business dedicated to providing access to full-service grocery store; the right to vote in elections and run for one seat on the board of directors; and financial benefits upon store opening.

Financial benefits may include Member-Owner specials, case lot discounts on special orders, possible patronage refunds during profitable years, and discounts on classes or workshops hosted by the Whitewater Grocery Co.

Pay the full amount or you have the option to pay in installments.

Select the number of installments you would like to pay for your Ownership. For example, if you select 15 installments, you will be billed $10 per month. If you select 1 installment, you will be charged the full amount in one payment.


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Please read:

The ownership interest hereby subscribed for is intended to confer the right to purchase consumer goods at owner prices and to participate in the governance of the Whitewater Grocery Cooperative (henceforth Whitewater Grocery Co.) in accordance with its bylaws to be approved at a meeting of Member-Owners. The individual who signs this agreement will be the primary contact (in a household ownership) and will have the voting rights in Whitewater Grocery Co.

Shares are entitled to no dividends or other monetary return on capital, will be nontransferable except to the Whitewater Grocer Co., will be redeemable only in accordance with the Bylaws, and will be subject to other terms and conditions of the Bylaws.

The capital funds remitted hereby are intended to be used for initial capital, start-up expenditures, future improvements, and other capital needs for the proposed store. All such capital funds are subject to the risks inherent in any start-up enterprise of this character and may result in the loss of part or all of such funds. Persons who cannot afford to incur such losses should not subscribe to purchase shares.

With your online payment, the new Owner-Member agrees to be bound by all the rules and obligations of ownership as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Whitewater Grocery Co.

You own it! from Whitewater, WI became an owner. Thank you!