The Whitewater Grocery Co. currently has four committees, Ownership & Outreach, Board Development, Finance & Legal, and Site Selection. Anyone may join our Committees! You don't need to be an Owner or a Board member to help out! 


Board Development

The purpose of the Board Development Committee is to maintain and increase board literacy, develop and implement a board succession and onboarding plan, and oversee the annual election cycle. It meets as needed. Chair: Anne Hartwick, Board Member.

Capital Campaign 

The purpose of the Capital Campaign Committee is to research, plan, and execute a successful Capital Campaign. Chair: Currently forming the Committee.


Finance & Legal

The purpose of the Finance & Legal Committee is to research and advise the board in key financial and legal matters and decisions, in accordance with the bylaws, articles of incorporation, State and Federal laws, and generally accepted accounting practices. It meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month, at 5 p.m. virtually via GroCo Zoom account. Chair: Anne Hartwick, Board Member. Committee: Patrick Taylor, Elvia Meza-Klosinski, Jennifer Crone, Destine Bauschke, and Jake Gildemeister. 


The purpose of the Grants Committee is to secure grants to fund start-up and opening of the Whitewater Grocery Co. Chair: Brienne Diebolt-Brown.

Ownership & Outreach

The purpose of the Ownership & Outreach Committee is to lead the effort to educate the community about our values and promote ownership through a variety of materials and activities. It meets bi-weekly virtually via the GroCo Zoom account. Chairs: Sarah Hoots, Board Members. Committee Rockstars: Vicki Hagstotz (Vice-Chair), Nadia Bidwell (Secretary), Ron Binning (Business Outreach), Maggie Rice (Volunteer Coordinator), Jennifer Bartlett, Katy Wimer, and Jim Nies. 

Site Selection

The purpose of the Site Selection/Evaluation Committee is to serve as an ad hoc group of technical area experts designated to make site selection recommendations the Whitewater Grocery Co. Board of Directors. It meets at least once per calendar quarter and as needed. The ultimate product of the committee will be an evaluation matrix comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various sites (both existing buildings and new construction sites). Chair: Lacey Reichwald