About the Co-op

Our Mission & Values

The Whitewater Grocery Co. is your (future) friendly neighborhood grocer supporting fresh and local products. We value community ownership, quality service, welcoming everyone, a lively learning and gathering space, and sustainable practices for people, our planet, and the profits of the store.

Our Movement

After Sentry closed and corporate grocers decided they didn't want to build here, we realized we needed to take matters into our own hands. We began our organizing late in 2015 and officially incorporated on April 4, 2017. Through the process, we’ve taken advantage of the vast resources available to help new community owned stores get off the ground and open with success. There is nothing more important than doing this right and we have a great model: The “Cookbook”. The Cookbook is a development model based on best practices in establishing a new cooperative grocery store. We first learned about this cookbook at the 2016 Up & Coming Food Co-Op Conference and we have been following it ever since. We know that by following the recipes in this model, we’ll be cooking up a grocery store that will thrive in our community!

Learn More About Our Progress

Available At The Whitewater Grocery Co.

  • National & Generic Brands
  • Local & Organic Foods
  • Grab & Go Meals
  • Food/Cooking Education Classes & Workshops

Our store will be a place to gather with neighbors and nourish our community. 

Whitewater may be a small town, but Whitewater Grocery Co. will offer fresh foods to close to 50,000 shoppers in the surrounding area. That's a big impact!

The creation of our community-owned store depends on:

1. Gaining Owners
2. Securing a location
3. Raising capital
4. Hiring a talented General Manager

All of these key pieces must be in place to open a community-owned grocery store. Your ownership helps us hit these milestones necessary for our growth and funding. We're building this store together! When you become an Owner of Whitewater Grocery Co., you OWN IT!


Download the PDF of this inspirational book of coops around the country!


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