Zachary Popke

Zachary Popke

Appointed June 9, 2021 to fill vacancy of a Three Year Term
Expires in 2022

Contact Zachary at [email protected]

Employment: City of Whitewater: Whitewater Community TV Channel 990

Volunteer: Anime Central, various events national and local for the Baha’i Faith, various events for UWW as a student

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member? Technical experience with A/V; political science major (education currently on pause); ability to read certain technical and academic sources; flexibility in skills and schedule.

Past experiences you had with food co-ops? None.

Favorite Food: Buuz (a Buryat-Mongolian steamed meat dumpling)

Three Favorite Songs:
Altargana (Buryat trad.)
Yellow-Backed Fly (Steep Canyon Rangers)
Ot azoy neyt a shnayder (Preßburger Klezmer Band)