Kathleen (Kathie) Fleming

Kathleen Fleming Headshot

Appointed September 8, 2021 to fill vacancy of a Three Year Term
Expires in 2022
Site Buildout Committee Chair

Contact Kathleen at [email protected]

Employment: I recently sold my hospitality business after 20 years. Finding great food to service my guests was a big part of my life as an innkeeper

Volunteer Experience: I have sat on the Whitewater Tourism Council for 20 years, most of which I served as President. I have Sat on the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association Board of Directors for over 10 years, serving as regional representative as well as grievance chair.

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to the effectiveness as a board member: My work experience includes balancing the needs of customers with the varied demands of administrative duties. Running my business and the offices I have worked in required skills in marketing, education, organization, planning, and flexibility. I am experienced in the Microsoft Suite, Google Doc, QuickBooks, Facebook, Google my business, Canva, and Slack. I have prepared Agendas, financial reports, marketing material and promotional articles. My long-term volunteer positions with the Whitewater Tourism Council and Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast association have provided the opportunity to present leadership, guidance, education and organization to a broad group of individuals including business professionals, government officials, and community members.

Past experiences you have had with food co-ops: I have shopped with my Grandmother at her local food co-op back in the 70’s as well as when an adult at the Coop in DeKalb, Il. Both of which were traditional, small coops where one could shop for bulk items. Most recently Basic’s in Janesville. My favorite experience is meeting up with local food coops at the Midwest food Expo in Milwaukee every spring. So interesting to chat with them and discover what local products they were highlighting.

Favorite food: EVERYTHING!!!! But I can not pass up french fries or chocolate ice cream.

Three favorite songs: Anything that makes me feel like dancing!

Inspirational Co-op: I am inspired by those that have served before me on the Whitewater GroCo Board. I am inspired by the work that has brought us this far. I am proud of the professional manner in which our coop has been founded. Yes, it is hard to wait. But, when I talk to the community about our store, it is great to be able to highlight the fact that our co-op is carefully planning according to proven strategies. Thus, ensuring the ongoing success of our locally owned grocery store.