Jennifer Smith Crone

Two Year Term
Expires in 2019
Contact Jen at

Employment: I am a Senior Analyst at ARCADIS Design and Consulting, and have worked as an information management consultant for more than 20 years.

Volunteer: I currently serving on the board of Bethel House, represent and serve the First United Methodist Church of Whitewater as the Lay Delegate to Annual Conference, and enjoy singing in the church choir. I have previously served as both the president and treasurer of a small church congregation while living in the U.S. Virgin Islands. More recently I served as the treasurer for the Lincoln Elementary parent teacher organization.

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member? I work in a very technical, detail-oriented field, plus I am very interested in helping our community create new opportunities, so I am glad I can leverage my past experience as a board treasurer and also contribute thoughtful planning and analysis to our board as our ideas and organization develop and grow.

Past experiences have you had with food co-ops? My favorite co-op is Mississippi Market in St. Paul, Minnesota. While living in St. Paul I loved taking advantage of their excellent bulk offerings, refilling my laundry detergent and maple syrup and spices - I love reusing containers whenever I can!

Favorite Food: Coming soon!

Three Favorite Songs: Coming soon!

Inspirational Co-Op: Coming soon!