Steve Michaelson

Appointed January 26, 2022 to fill a vacancy of a Three Year Term
Expires in 2024

Contact Steve at [email protected]

Volunteer Experience: The whitewater grocery coop is really my first major volunteer experience. I currently am working on the market feasibility study and the capital campaign project.

Employment: I retired in the fall of 2021. I worked as a full time pharmacist for 40 years.

Experience, education, and skills that contribute to effectiveness as a board member: I grew up in the grocery business. my father worked in the grocery business for almost 40 years, many of those years as a manager. I worked at his grocery store for 4 years as a teenager. to this day that is still my favorite job. The last 27 years of my pharmacy career was as an owner. My store had a small department devoted to groceries, with an emphasis on natural and organic products. In my 40 years as a pharmacist I gained a lot of experience in working with suppliers, inventory control, and profit margins.

Past experiences you had with food coops: My first choice when grocery shopping is always an independent, especially "health food stores". I lived in Janesville, WI and regularly shopped at the Basics coop.

Favorite Food: My mother was Italian so home-made pizza. Ground beef flour tacos is a close second.

Three favorite songs: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. Won't Get Fooled Again by the Who. Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan.

Inspirational Coop: Basics Natural Foods in Janesville WI

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