Ownership Drive to 780 by January 1, 2021


Help get the store open and win big bucks doing it!

Easy and Fun.

Here’s How—

1) Gain an entry by becoming an Owner yourself or by nominating someone (neighbor, friend, family, acquaintance) who you think would be interested in joining the Whitewater Grocery Co.
We'll keep your name anonymous if you'd like.

2) Turn in your referral(s) to the GroCo at contact@whitewatergrocery.co
Note: You can nominate more than one person, and for each nomination you will get another entry and another chance at that $500!

3) Get EVEN MORE entries. The person you refer will be gently contacted by a GroCo volunteer to see if they really do want to sign up. If they do, you will receive another entry, and they will receive one too!

4) Win Big. When we hit 780 members, we will draw a winner for the $500!
Note: If we don't hit 780 by January 1, 2021, the drawing will not take place.

And, of course,
We All Win When The Store Opens!

**The Ownerpalooza is not open to any member of the board, committee chairs, management level volunteers, or their families.**

Let's take matters in our own hands and open the Whitewater Grocery Co.!
Will you OWN with us or who are you going to refer?

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  • Katy Wimer