31 Days of Sharing

πŸŽ€ πŸŽ€

The Whitewater Grocery Co., along with the Warhawk Pantry, The Whitewater Community Food Pantry, and The Community Space, are in the sharing spirit and want you to join us!

Every day through December 17, we'll be posting a new something to share through our social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook. Place that something in a box and at the end of the 31 days, take that box to one of the three places listed above just in time for Christmas. If you don't have that item, don't fret! We're all sharing what we have to share!

Dropoff Times:

UW-Warhawk Pantry: Contact 262-472-1757 for scheduling drop-off
Whitewater Community Food Pantry: Dec. 17th 8:30a-12p
The Community Space: Dec. 17th 8:30a-11a
If you’re strapped for time, the GroCo will also take monetary donations that can be split among the pantries. Checks can be made payable to Whitewater Grocery Co. and mailed to: CEC – Whitewater Grocery Co., 1260 W. Main St., Whitewater, WI 53190

Day 31: A holiday treat!Β 
Day 30: A household item🧁
Day 29: Meal starter kit/Instant meals
Day 28: Something for a birthday! πŸ₯³
Day 27: Something yellow!
Day 26: Granola bars/cereal πŸ₯£
Day 25: A sauce of some kind
Day 24: Soap (Hand or Dish!) 🧼
Day 23: Rice and beans
Day 22: A baking mix πŸ₯ž
Day 21: Something red
Day 20: Something hygienic πŸͺ’
Day 19: Snack foods
Day 18: Pet items 🦴
Day 17: Seasoning or spices
Day 16: Something sippable (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) β˜•οΈ
Day 15: Canned soup
Day 14: Peanut Butter πŸ₯œ
Day 13: Pretzels
Day 12: Popcorn 🍿
Day 11: Nuts
Day 10: Canned fruit πŸ’
Day 9: A condiment
Day 8: Something green πŸ₯’
Day 7: A canned protein
Day 6: A paper product 🧻
Day 5: Oatmeal
Day 4: A baby item
Day 3: Something sweet! 🍭
Day 2: Gluten free Item
Day 1: A baking ingredient

We're excited to support our community this season. πŸ₯° Happy sharing!