What kinds of products and services will be offered there?


The types of items — including decisions about affordability, brand names, local, organic, gmo-free, allergen-free, etc. — will be determined by the Owners of the community market, the Board of Directors, and the General Manager.

Though no decisions have been made yet, there has been discussion about how the community market can best serve the diverse needs of the its customers through several services. Those that have been discussed are:
– grocery delivery
– assisted shopping
– acceptance of WIC and SNAP benefits
– partnering with the Food Pantry
– online ordering
– bilingual signage and classes
– international foods
– meal kits
– cooking classes

There are many dietary, nutritional, and financial needs in the Whitewater community and the community market will aim to address as many of them as possible while still building a store that is viable.

The current core values of the cooperative include a focus on local and Wisconsin-made products, unique foods, and serving the needs of the community.